Piano Studies
Composer Title Publisher
Alfred Piano Theory Book (Level 2) Alfred 3.50
  Piano Theory Book (Level 4) Alfred 3.50
Bailey Scales and Arpeggios F.R.C.O. 5.00
Burnam A Dozen A Day Willis 2.00
Clark Look and Listen Part A Summy-Birchard 2.00
Look and Listen Part B Summy-Birchard 2.00
Pencil Play Part B Summy-Birchard 3.00
Pencil Play Part C&D Summy-Birchard 2.50
Piano Technic Book 3 Summy-Birchard 3.50
Tune Time Part A Summy-Birchard 2.00
Clark/Glover Chords and Keys (Level One) Belwin Mills 2.50
Czerny Art of Finger Dexterity - Book 1 Schirmer 3.00
School of Velocity, Book 2 Schirmer 2.00
Fletcher Lela Fletcher Piano Course Book 2 Montgomery Music 2.00
Glover Pre-Reading Piano Lessons Belwin 5.50
Pre-Reading Piano Thoery Belwin 5.50
Primer Performance Belwin 5.50
Primer Piano Lessons Belwin 5.50
Primer Sight Reading & Ear Training Belwin 5.50
Primer Technic Belwin 5.50
Primer Theory Belwin 5.50
Level One Lessons Belwin 5.00
Level One Lessons Belwin 5.50
Level One Performance Belwin 5.00
Level One Sight Reading & Ear Training Belwin 5.50
Level One Technic Belwin 5.50
Level One Theory Belwin 5.00
Level Two Performance Belwin 5.50
Level Two Sight Reading & Ear Training Belwin 5.50
Level Two Technic Belwin 5.50
Level Two Theory Belwin 5.50
Level Three Lessons Belwin 5.50
Level Three Performance Belwin 5.50
Level Three Theory Belwin 5.50
Level Four Lessons Belwin 5.50
Level Four Performance Belwin 5.50
Level Four Technic Belwin 5.50
Heller 20 Misc. Studies Assoc. Board of Royal Schools of Music 8.00
24 Piano Studies for Rhythm and Expression Kalmus 4.00
  Thirty Progressive Studies Schirmer 6.00
Hirschberg Theory is Fun Musichord Pub. 5.50
Kohler Scales & Chords Willis Music Co. 3.00
Liebling Selected Czerny Studies Book 2 Presser 4.00
Pace Kinder Keyboard Lee Roberts Music 4.95
Kinder Keyboard Teachers Manual Lee Roberts Music 5.00
Creative Music Book 1 Lee Roberts Music 4.95
Finger Builders Book 1 Lee Roberts Music 4.95
Music for Piano Book 1 Lee Roberts Music 4.95
Theory Papers Book 1 Lee Roberts Music 4.95
Teachers Guide Book 1 Lee Roberts Music 8.00
Creative Music Book 2 Lee Roberts Music 4.95
Finger Builders Book 2 Lee Roberts Music 4.95
Music for Piano Book 2 Lee Roberts Music 4.95
Theory Papers Book 2 Lee Roberts Music 4.95
Creative Music Book 3 Lee Roberts Music 4.95
Finger Builders Book 3 Lee Roberts Music 4.95
Theory Papers Book 3 Lee Roberts Music 4.95
Creative Music Book 4 Lee Roberts Music 4.95
Finger Builders Book 4 Lee Roberts Music 4.95
Theory Papers Book 4 Lee Roberts Music 4.95
Palmer,Manus, Lethco The Complete Book of Scales, Chords, Arpeggios and Cadences Alfred 6.00
Philipp Complete School of Technic for Piano Presser 7.00
Presser Daily Essentials in Pianoforte Practice Presser 3.00
  Selected Czerny Studies Presser 4.00
Rubank Adult Piano Course-Vol. 1 Wagness
Schaum Adult at the Piano - Book 3 Schaum 2.00
Schelling, Haake, McConathy Oxford Piano Course Book 3 Oxford 5.00
Thompson Second Grade Book Willis Music Co. 3.00
  Fifth Grade Book Willis Music Co. 6.00
Weybright Theory Worksheets (Set Three) Belwin 2.00
Piano Solos
Composer Title Publisher
Adam/Burman O Holy Night Willis Music Co. 1.00
Adam/Schaum O Holy Night Belwin 1.00
Agay The Shepherd's Night Song G. Schirmer 1.00
  Easy Classics to Moderns Consolidated 4.00
Alexander Twas the Night Before Alfred 4.95
Altman, Symes Music by the Angels Leeds Music Corp. 1.00
Andrews Serenade G. Schirmer 1.00
Arndt Nola Sam Fox Pub. Co. 2.00
B. Frost Classics for Piano J. Fischer & Bro. 4.95
Bach 2 Part Invention - No. 4 Alfred 1.50
  2 Part Invention - No. 8 Arts Publication Society 2.00
  Eighteen Little Preludes and Fugues Schirmer 5.00
  Partitas 1-3 Peters 4.00
  Two and Three Part Inventions Schirmer 3.00
  Three Part Invention - No. 2 Arts Publication Society 2.00
Bach-Busoni Two Part Inventions (15 total) Breitkopf 8.00
Bart Oliver (easy) TRO 3.00
Bartok For Children Vol 1 Boosey & Hawks 3.00
Beethoven Ecossaisen Verlag 5.95
Fur Elise Einzel-Ausgabe 2.00
Minuet in G Art Publication Society 2.00
Sonatas, Vol. 2 Schirmer 10.00
The Rage Over the Lost Penny, Op. 129 Urtext 6.00
Berlin Easter Parade Irving Berlin Music 2.00
Easter Parade Irving Berlin Music 1.00
Blyth Dance and Quiet Time Lee Roberts 1.00
Toccata Lee Roberts 1.00
Bradley Movie Songs Bradley Pub. 5.95
Brahms Three Intermezzi Schirmer 3.00
  Waltz in A Flat Clayton F. Summy 0.50
Brinkman Remember Me Eclipse Publishing Co. 2.00
Burrowes The White Moon/The Ginger Bread Man Whaley, Royce & Co. 2.00
Carey Sparkling Waters Anthony Brothers 1.00
Chopin Polonaises - Book 3 G. Schirmer 4.00
Clementi Sonatina in C Major Art Publication 2.00
Cobb 9 Golden Keys to   Easy Reading Mills Music 3.00
Coleridge-Taylor Scenes from an Imaginary Ballet G. Schirmer 3.00
Czerny Selected Piano Studies - Vol. 1 Schirmer 4.00
Dett Desert Interlude Mills Music 1.50
Engel Flying Sparks Presser 3.00
Engelmann Melody of Love Presser 1.00
  Under the Mistletoe Presser 4.00
Erb The Bad Wolf Boston Music 1.00
Erp Golden Rod Presser 4.00
Fisher & Bro. The Berry Basket - First Piano Book Belwin 2.00
Flotow Overture to "Martha" White-Smith Music 5.00
Foy Pop Stix - Further Adventures in Popular Music Willis Music Co. 2.00
Frackenpohl March On! And Parade Pace 0.50
March On! And Parade Pace 1.00
Geibel Constant Devotion Presser 3.00
Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue Harms 3.00
Gest A Piano Book of Well-Known Hymns Fischer 3.00
Glover Technic Tidbits Schroeder & Gunther, Inc. 2.00
Goldston A Day in the Park - easy pieces Galaxy Music Corp. 3.25
Godard Au Matin Unlisted 4.00
  Valse Chromatique McKinley Music 5.00
Grant and Verrall Lets Make Music Boston Music 3.00
Grieg Forty-Five Pieces for Piano, Vol. 1 Schirmer 6.00
Grobe I Wish I Was In Dixie Eclipse Publishing Co. 3.00
Gurlitt Album Leaves for the Young Belwin 3.00
Handel Chaconne con 62 Variazioni Edition Peters 4.00
Heinemann Across the Valley is Wafted (High G) J. Fischer & Brother 2.00
Heins Flying Doves Presser 2.00
Herbert Air de Ballet G. Schirmer 2.00
  Gypsy Love Song (bass clef instrumental solo) Whitmark & Son 2.00
  The Second Victor Herbert Song Album M. Whitmark & Sons 3.00
Hoffmann The Dragon Fighter Presser 4.00
  The Little Rogue Arts Publication Society 3.00
Humperdinck Evening Prayer Willis Music Co. 1.00
Huneke My Shadow Boston Music Co. 1.00
Ivey Sleepy Time and Water Wheel Lee Roberts 1.00
Jarre Lara's Theme - Dr. Zhivago Robbins Music Corp. 2.00
Johnson Hear the Drum Presser 2.00
  Young American Presser 2.00
Johnstone Twilight Songsters Art Publication Society 1.00
Joplin The Entertainer Shatlinger Int. 2.00
Kabalevsky The Horseman MCA Music 1.00
Keats Tender Memories Presser 2.00
Kern Ol' Man River T. B. Harms 1.00
  Military Array Presser 2.00
Kimball Gleaming Waters McKinley Music 3.00
Konowitz Jazz Scenes Lee Roberts 2.00
Kreisler The Old Refrain Fisher 3.00
Krentzlin Burlesque Fantastique Presser 3.00
Kroeger Dancing on the Meadow Arts Publication Society 1.00
  In the Pagoda Arts Publication Society 1.00
  Morning Hymn Arts Publication Society .50
  The Cave in the Woods Arts Publication Society 1.00
  The Game of Bowls Arts Publication Society 1.00
  The Girl by the Brook Arts Publication Society 3.00
  The Goblin Arts Publication Society 1.00
  The Little Sailor Arts Publication Society 1.00
  The Mill Wheel Arts Publication Society 1.00
  The Spinning Wheel Arts Publication Society 2.00
  The Village Festival Arts Publication Society 1.00
Lange Flower Song Century Music Pub. Co. 2.00
Lawson Rose Petals Presser 1.00
  Comrades True Presser 1.00
Lee The Haunted Hacienda Lee Roberts 3.00
Leighton The Nightengale Arts Publication Society 2.00
Lindsay In the Barn Presser 3.00
Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No 2 (Abridged) Schaum 2.00
Ludovic Bells of the Convent McKinley Music 3.00
Mack Under the Elms McKinley Music 3.00
Malotte The Lord's Prayer (Med. High) G. Schirmer 3.00
Massenet Meditation Edward Marks Music Corp. 2.00
Mathis Dutch Windmills Presser 2.00
Maurice The Great Divide Leo Feist 3.00
Mendelssohn Capriccio Brillante G. Schirmer 4.00
  March of the Priests from "Athalia" Fischer 2.00
  On Wings of Song Belwin 3.00
  Spring Song Eclipse Publishing Co. 3.00
Mills It's Raining (Level 1) Lee Roberts 1.00
Morrison Meditation John Church Co. 2.00
Morrisons The Chapel in the Valley Preser 3.00
Mozart Sonatas and Three Fantasias, Vol. 1, No. 1-10 Kalmus 5.00
  Don Juan Minuet Presser 1.00
Murray Mix-A-Mode Lee Roberts 1.00
Tres y Cinco Lee Roberts 1.00
Necke Rapsodia Zingara Presser 4.00
Norton Juanita McKinley 2.00
Olson Happy Holidays C. Fischer 1.00
Pace Folksong Settings Lee Roberts 1.00
Persichetti Piano Sonatinas Elkan-Vogel 3.00
Podolsky Guild Repertoire (Elementary A) Summy Birchard 2.00
Ponce My Little Star Jack Mills 2.00
Powers Sans Souci Art Publication Society 4.00
Prokofieff Music for Young People Alfred 3.00
Rachmaninoff Waltz in A, Op. 10, No. 2 Schirmer 3.00
Rack Country Gardens Morris Music 1.00
Raphling Folksong Piano Recital Consolidated 4.00
Rapley Get to Know Mister Bach Chappell 5.00
Ravina Study in Style Marks Music 2.00
Ricker That Lonesome Prairie Lee Roberts 1.00
Robbins 65 World Famous Waltzes Robbins 5.00
Rogers & Hammerstein South Pacific Chappell & Co. 3.00
Rolfe Told In Tones Presser 2.00
Rollin Christmas Pleasures Alfred 4.95
Rosas Over the Waves Century Music 4.00
Sawyer Abide With Me McKinley 1.00
Schaum Adult at the Piano - Book 3 Schaum 2.00
  Carnival of Venice Belwin 3.00
  Festival of Solos Schaum 3.00
  Folk Songs and Dances Schaum 2.00
Schumann Everybody's Favorite Grand Opera Amsco Music Sales 10.00
  Scenes from Childhood Peters 4.00
Nocture in F T. Presser 0.50
Toccata Op. 7 Litolffa 4.00
Variations on the Name "ABEGG" Op. 1 and Papillons, Op. 2 Schirmer 2.00
Shostakovich Three Fantastic Dances Marks 2.00
Sinding Rustle of Spring United States Music 1.00
Solman Voice of Long Ago Morris Music 2.00
Spangler Gunpowder Rag Eclipse Publishing Co. 3.00
Spaulding Blue Jay Presser 2.00
  Swaying Trees Presser 2.00
Spencer School March McKinley Music 2.00
Stairs Singing Brooklet Presser 1.00
Stecher, Horowitz, Gordon Patriotic Songs and Marches Schmitt Hall and McCreary 2.00
Strauss Tales from the Vienna Woods Moderne Publications 3.00
  Tales from the Vienna Woods - Waltz #2 C. Fischer 2.00
  Voices of Spring Century Music Pub. Co. 4.00
Streabbog Little Fairy Polka Morris 1.00
Morning Prayer Century Music 2.00
  Morning Prayer DeLuxe Music 4.00
  Morning Prayer Eclipse 4.00
  Shower of Roses Waltz McKinley Music 2.00
Thompson Second Grade Book Willis Music Co. 3.00
Tschaikowsky The Seasons Schirmer 6.00
Various Collection of Favorite Songs No. 51 M. M. Cole 5.00
  Collection of Music by Famous Composers - early grades John Church Co. 3.00
  Latin American Favorites Remick Music 5.00
  The Joy of Song Music Sales 3.00
von Suppe Poet and Peasant Overture Schirmer 3.00
Wachs Les Muscadins Presser 4.00
  Nadia Cranz 4.00
Wagness Adult Piano Course-Vol. 1 Rubank
Weybright Joshua Fit De Battle of Jericho Belwin 1.00
Wiley Bashful Betty Eclipse Publishing Co. 2.00
William Felton Grown-Up Beginners Book Presser 3.00
Woodward Magnolia Mazurka Root & Co. 2.00
Yarrow & Lipton Puff the Magic Dragon Warner Bros. 1.00
Zupko Evening Song Lee Roberts 1.00
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